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The Definitive Playbook For Constructing Authorized Departments At Progress Firms

It’s no secret that the demands placed on GCs are enormous, while their corresponding budgets and teams are not.

This is especially true at the many small and mid-market companies experiencing rapid growth. 

How can growth company GCs build the legal teams they need, but can’t afford to hire through traditional channels?

As our friends at Axiom explain in this whitepaper, the answer is flexible resourcing. 

By leveraging this model, legal leaders can build the sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing teams they require in order to serve as strategic counselors to the business, while elevating and scaling their department’s capabilities and bandwidth.

And as a thank you for reading, we’re offering the next 200 in-house lawyers who download this paper an Above the Law “Benchslap!”-logo coffee mug — a fine addition to your desk as you review your department’s newly improved budget. 

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