West Virginia Legal professional Normal Patrick Morrisey Joins 23 Different States in Asking Biden To Rethink Vaccine Mandates


CHARLESTON — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey joined a 24-state letter Thursday in urging President Biden to reconsider a vaccine mandate that, if imposed, the letter’s authors vow to challenge in court.

The attorneys general acknowledge the COVID-19 vaccine has helped protect millions of Americans. Yet they take issue with Biden’s use of what they consider flimsy legal arguments, contradictory statements and threatening directives to force others to receive the vaccine.

The coalition’s letter, sent Thursday, contends that reducing vaccine hesitancy requires room for discussion and disagreement — not mandates that sow division and distrust, rather than promote unity and the public’s health.

The attorneys general write they will use every legal option to uphold the rule of law and hold President Biden accountable should his administration refuse to alter its course.

“Your plan is disastrous and counterproductive,” the letter read. “From a policy perspective, this edict is unlikely to win hearts and minds–it will simply drive further skepticism.”

West Virginia joined the South Carolina-led letter with Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

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