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Your Information To Discovering Success In-Home

In a year of spending a lot more time at home and constantly having to adapt to new changes, many lawyers are engaging in more than a little self-reflection about their careers these days.

Are you an in-house lawyer looking to take your job to the next level? Or are you a law firm attorney who’s considering finding out whether the grass really is greener on the in-house side?

If so, this eBook is for you.

Our in-house columnists have you covered when it comes to learning the ropes, from debunking the myths you see in the movies to identifying the questions you should be asking before making the leap to in-house life.

The following collection of advice from Above the Law’s in-house experts — presented in partnership with our friends at Paragon Legal — will introduce you to many of the most important facets of in-house life.

Whether you’re trying to figure out which cases matter most, you want to find the best way to build your brand, or you’re just looking to be the best in-house attorney you can be, this handy eBook covers many of the ins and outs of building a successful in-house legal career.

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